About Us


WCSQ-LP 105.9 FM, known on air as “Radio Cobleskill,” is Cobleskill’s new local radio station. Licensed to Cobleskill, NY and operating as a low-power FM (LPFM) radio station with an effective radiated power of 100 watts, Radio Cobleskill covers Cobleskill, Richmondville, Warnerville, Carlisle, Lawyersville, Janesville, Central Bridge, Howes Cave and much of Schoharie County, including a 25-mile stretch of Interstate 88.

Radio Cobleskill provides programming targeted to the local community, including music, agricultural news reports, specialty music programs, ethnic programming, and public affairs programming. During most of the broadcast week, Radio Cobleskill features a unique “hot adult contemporary” / “adult hits” music format featuring music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and today, and a playlist deeper than practically all commercial radio stations.

Radio Cobleskill is entirely non-profit and non-commercial, in accordance with FCC rules, and is owned and operated by Dialogos of Cobleskill, Incorporated, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in the State of New York and based in Cobleskill.

Radio Cobleskill… Making Radio Great Again!


WCSQ-LP 105.9 FM received a construction permit from the FCC in January 2014 to build its broadcast facilities. The station began test transmissions on October 17, 2016 and officially launched as “Radio Cobleskill” on Thanksgiving Eve, November 23, 2016. Since then, Radio Cobleskill has operated 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, superserving the local community.


Please note that reception varies due to a number of factors, including location, geographical barriers such as mountains, the quality of your radio receiver, the structure where reception is taking place and variables such as the thickness of walls or proximity to a window, interference from other stations, atmospheric and weather conditions, and more. The map below is merely an estimate and does not guarantee reception in all areas shown: