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Be heard on the radio!

Radio Cobleskill offers airtime to residents of Schoharie County who are interested in producing their own radio program. We are open to proposals from members of the local community and independent producers to provide or to host their own programming. We are open to specialty and local music programs, local news and sports programs, talk and public affairs shows, and any other proposal that you may have in mind! Be creative, be imaginative, and have fun!

The following is a partial list of station guidelines for producing and airing local programming:

• Programming, at this time, can only be pre-recorded (not live) and must be delivered to us electronically.
• All programming must abide completely by all applicable FCC and other Federal, State, and local rules and regulations, particularly those pertaining to indecency, obscenity, libel and slander, and “payola” (pay for play).
• Programming must be of a non-commercial nature. Paid commercial advertisements, product placement, infomercials, and other similar types of messages are prohibited. Undewriting and sponsorship is permitted, as per FCC and station regulations and guidelines.
• No indecent, obscene, or profane content may be broadcast.

A full description of guidelines, policies, and regulations listed in broadcaster agreement.

Click here to download our undewriting, sponsorship, and airtime information sheet (pdf).

Click here to download our airtime proposal sheet and agreement (pdf). Please note that final approval must be provided in writing by Radio Cobleskill’s management before proposals are approved for broadcast and added to our on-air schedule.

For questions or to find out more details, please do not hesitate to call us at (518) 300-3630 or to fill out our contact form.