Radio Cobleskill is a non-commercial radio station, but as per FCC guidelines, it is allowed to air underwriting and sponsorship announcements up to 30 seconds in length which identify but do not promote. Our station depends on underwriting and sponsorship donations to defray operating costs, as well as equipment purchases and repairs. Such announcements are similar to advertisements, but with some restrictions (listed below).

Underwriting and sponsorship on Radio Cobleskill will allow your message to be heard to listeners throughout much of Schoharie County, with a focus on the 25-54 age group. Our signal is also heard on a 25 mile stretch of Interstate 88, reaching travelers and visitors to our region.


With underwriting, your message stands out! Radio Cobleskill’s programming features limited interruptions, resulting in less “tune out” from listeners.

Your message is delivered to listeners in an affordable and cost-effective manner, with extremely competitive underwriting and sponsorship rates.

You receive name recognition with a diverse and growing audience of household decision makers, parents, students, farmers, and business owners in the Cobleskill area.

You help support a locally-owned, non-profit, independent radio voice in a world of increasingly corporate, non-locally owned media.


Interested businesses, organizations, and parties can purchase underwriting announcements which will air throughout our broadcast day, can sponsor specific programs or features on our station. In addition, we also offer banner advertising on our website.

In addition, we offer in-house and outsourced professional recording of underwriting and sponsorship announcements, as well as preparation, review, and editing of underwriting/sponsorship scripts and copy.

Click here to download and review our underwriting and sponsorship information card (pdf).


Announcements MAY include: Announcements MAY NOT include:
Name of business, organization, or individual Qualitative or comparative language (e.g. “we have the best/finest/largest products”)
Location (address), telephone number (mentioned once), website and/or e-mail Any reference to prices, sales, or discounts (e.g. “20% discount for first-time customers”)
Value-neutral descriptions of services or products offered & hours of operation A “call to action” (e.g. “come on down,” “mention you heard,” “call now,” “for more information call…,” “visit us,” etc.)
Include a company/business slogan, in compliance with FCC underwriting guidelines Mentions of competitors by name
Reasons for sponsorship and/or an association between the sponsor and station Calls for donation or fundraising for churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations
Use instrumental music/sound effects that are not related to the product in question Use music with lyrics, or music beds/sound effects to evoke an impression for the product in use


ABC Automotive is proud to support WCSQ-LP Radio Cobleskill. ABC Automotive has been serving Cobleskill for over 40 years and is the home for GMC, Dodge, and Ford automobiles. Located at 123 Main St. in Cobleskill. 518-555-1212 or abcautomotive.com.

The Dental Office of Dr. John Doe is a proud sponsor of WCSQ-LP Radio Cobleskill. Dr. Doe’s office offers all types of dental care, including removal and replacement of old silver fillings. Located at 456 Central Avenue in Cobleskill. 518-555-1515 or dentalcareareus.com.

This hour of WCSQ-LP Radio Cobleskill programming is sponsored by XYZ Restaurant at 100 Maple Street in Cobleskill, serving home cooking to the local community for 20 years. 518-555-1111 or xyz.com.

Radio Cobleskill’s 80s at 8 is brought to you by the law office of Jane Doe, Esq., a proud sponsor of WCSQ-LP Radio Cobleskill. Offering legal services to the residents of Schoharie County, 518-555-2222 or janedoelawoffice.com.

The USDA Radio News is brought to you by Radio Cobleskill and by Jack’s Dairy Farms, proudly providing produce and dairy products to Schoharie County residents for the past 70 years. Located at 500 Route 66 in Cobleskill, 518-555-9999, jacksdairyfarm.com.


Feel free to give us a call during business hours at (518) 300-3630 or to fill out our contact form, and one of our underwriting and sponsorship specialists will promptly get in contact with you.

Thank you for your support!